How I Made a Million Dollar Website

and I'm a complete dummy!

Okay, I didn't know diddly-squat about HTML, WordPress, or programming, yet I learned and created this jaw-dropping website by myself.

I cheated.

I asked a few people how a complete dummy like me could design a website that would blow the socks off the competition.

The answer I got will surprise you.

They told me I could be as dumb as a box of rocks and make my own website using the right tools.

You are now on the website that I designed from scratch. It would have been a little quicker if I had used templates, but it was easy as pie to design it from the ground up within hours.

And I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it yourself by using the same tools I used to make this website. Yes, I will lose money by telling you this. A lot of people will buy the same digital products I use to create their own videos instead of buying them from me.

But that's okay because I have more business than I can handle anyway.

So let's get started...

Website hosting: I use Zyro because of the speed, low price, drag and drop builder, easy SEO, excellent customer support, and a 30-day guarantee. But that doesn't even touch upon the amazing features (which include A.I. and one-click background remover) that this website hosting service provides. Check it out here.

If you already have a business, fine, if not you should pick products or services in high demand. I chose to sell digital marketing services and related products. Not only are they in high demand, but other products I bought enabled me to provide these services with minimal effort. They can be used for any type of business or service.

Humatars: Under my Video Services menu, you will see a real person talking, albeit digitized, saying the words I typed into a script. I didn't want to appear on camera and my voice isn't perfect. Watch the video and see the benefits of using a Humatar spokesperson on your website. Get your Humatars here.

Avatar Builder: Although computer-generated avatars are not as realistic as a real spokesperson, their Pixar-style nature can sometimes attract even more attention. Listen to the advantages described in the video. Get Avatar Builder here.

Talking Faces: The Humatar spokesperson that overlays the pages is a product called Talking Faces. Its purpose is to do the selling while your product page gives facts and details. Get Talking Faces here.

Doodle Maker videos: Doodles are an effective means of drawing attention to product details, instructional videos, or cartoons. Get Doodle Maker here.

Product Mock-ups: Video Creator makes it easy to create mockups of T-shirts, mugs, and other items for posting on your website. Another feature is the ability to create attention-getting scroll stoppers. Get yours here.

Book Creation: The best product I have found is from AuthorLab. With it, you can create print or ebooks using their templates, generate mockups of your book in 3d with custom backgrounds, and much more. Get yours here.

3D Flipbooks: I used one to illustrate how flipbooks are useful to businesses to promote products. Designrr (that's not a typo) is an e-Book creation software that includes a flipbook creation function. Get it here. I prefer Author Lab over Designrr for book design, but it does not offer a flipbook option. However, there are other online flipbook apps like this one.

3D Video Photos: You can add movement to any still photo with Photo Vibrance. Businesses use them to enhance a logo and for scroll-stopping videos. Get yours here.

Graphics and Designs: There are many products that offer graphic design for your website, but none have the combination of features that make Design Beast 4-in-1 Ultra App Bundle Unlimited a must-have. Get yours here.

Dynamic Avatars: One of the greatest scroll-stopper products is ExtremeADz. Check the above menu under Dynamic Avatars. They are useful in their own right to sell to Facebook and Instagram advertisers but are extremely useful to promote your own products on social media. Get yours here.

Best Video Editor: There are lots of video editors on the market, but the one I use is Filmora. It is easy to use, does almost anything you will ever need, has features and templates not offered elsewhere, and is constantly being improved. Get Filmora here.

Services: The other services on my website, which include voiceovers, audiobooks, transcriptions, logo creation, etc., are available within the products already mentioned.


Creating a website and posting your products is only a start. You still have to advertise and promote your website. Check out our useful books in the above menu.

If you don't have a product (or you merely want to offer bonuses to your customers) check out the Instant Business menu for incredible digital products you can copy and resell over and over.

And lastly, click here if you want us to create a dynamic million-dollar website for you.