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Will You Survive the Inflation and Economic Collapse That's Coming?

Experts predict $10 gas

Gas stations in Washington state are resetting their price boards to accommodate double digits in preparation for fuel prices potentially reaching $10 a gallon, according to a report.

Massive food shortages

A recent global report confirms what many of us already suspected: We are about to experience the worst food crisis since World War II. The causes are varied and “mutually reinforcing”—a combination of: Fertilizer Shortages – We import $5.43 billion of our fertilizer annually. The Ukrainian conflict cuts us off from those sources. Rising Energy Prices – Energy prices are projected to jump 50.5% this year, according to the World Bank. Inflation and Looming Recession – The feds just increased rates. Eight of the last nine times that happened, recession followed. The Outcome? MASSIVE Food Shortages.

Inflation out of control

Inflation is a great destroyer. It hits especially hard for those who rely on savings for their retirement. Inflation soared 8.3% in April, hovering near a 40-year high. In some states, the percentage of Americans struggling to pay their bills is even higher: Nearly half of households in Mississippi – about 45% – reported difficulties in paying for usual household expenses, while that figure was about 43.6% in Kentucky and 41.8% in West Virginia.


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Chapter 15: Ex-cop’s life-saving advice on how to survive an attempted kidnapping or robbery

Chapter 16: How to make $100,000 as a whistleblower (or go to prison)

Chapter 17: Eight ways to get out of prison

Chapter 18: How to avoid jury duty

Chapter 19: How to fight government tyranny

You could lose everything!

You could lose everything you've worked for all your life--your savings, your job, your home, and even your family. But there is a way to survive and thrive no matter what happens.

I have spent 30 years writing about surviving financially. A college degree doesn't guarantee it, and neither does a job with a large corporation. The biggest firms are already laying off people.

What you need are the inside tricks I've personally used and now share with you in my latest book. To survive in a recession or depression you must understand that the system is against you. And you must know how to work the system to your advantage.

That's what my book TOTAL POWER shows you. It is dedicated to everyone who's been shafted by the government, the media, the greedy corporations, and by the elitists who pull the strings.

That means you and me.

They have deprived us of our wealth, our health, and our liberties. I say it’s time we fight back aggressively and escape the mediocrity cage they’ve put us in by using clever tricks that would make Houdini envious.

Right now you may be doing well financially, but that could change at any time. Anything can happen. Across America, people who once felt secure are losing their jobs and homes. The rigged employment figures are meaningless when you find yourself and your family living in a car or a tent.

Recently I traveled through Atlanta, Georgia on a Marta train and saw dozens of people sleeping under bridges. I’m told that some of them were once business professionals and skilled workers. But it’s not just Atlanta, it’s across the nation. We have a million or more homeless military veterans who cannot get a job and are hurting for money. I know because I was once one of them.

And it’s not just the homeless. There are millions of people from all backgrounds who suddenly find themselves unable to make ends meet. They manage only by working two jobs, eating cheaper, unhealthy food, and going deeper in debt—all because of stupid government policies that have bankrupted our country since 1933, if not before, and transferred our wealth to other nations and international bankers.

In some ways, those suffering economically are the lucky ones. We live in a police state, where over 1.3 million people are locked up in prisons and jails. I agree with MLK that only the violent should be incarcerated. The prison-industrial complex is a money-making system that destroys not just the incarcerated but leaves families broken and destitute with taxpayers footing the bill.

According to attorney Harvey Silverglate “Most people commit three felonies a day without knowing it.” This is because we have over 4,000 criminal laws and over 300,000 bureaucratic regulations with the force of law. Thus, you could be arrested at any time for committing a crime you knew nothing about! A few days ago I verified a YouTube video that showed three cops plant drugs on someone and then returns to “find” them. Think about it. There’s nothing to stop a disgruntled neighbor or co-worker from planting contraband on you, your son, or your daughter. Ask yourself what are you going to do when it happens.

Sadly, most prisoners in the federal system are unlawfully incarcerated for victimless crimes that are unconstitutional. Most plead guilty because they cannot win in a corrupt court system that ignores our basic right to a fair trial.

My friend, take heed: you may not care about the burgeoning prison population but for your safety, you must protect yourself from being caught in this corrupt legal system—and learn how to extricate yourself if you are. With more than 13 million people arrested every year, and 60,000 of that number indicted for felonies, there’s a good chance you or a loved one could be next. Finally, the right person has come along—namely, me, Gorilla Joe—who can teach you what most lawyers won’t.

Free Your Thinking!

You see, my friend, I was once caught in the system created by those who want to enslave us. I learned the hard way to turn my life around. As an entrepreneur who started a multi-million dollar business with $250 in savings, I know exactly how to turn your life around, too. And not just financially, but emotionally and mentally, as well.

We must free our minds before we can free ourselves. And it’s a fact that the power structure has controlled our thinking since day one. They want to divide us along racial and ethnic lines and distract us with trivial matters. No more, I will show you how to recognize their deceptions and free your mind from the conditioning that has kept you down.

A lot of this may shock you and it may offend you. But it’s absolutely necessary to explain the political system.

Let me give you an example: We have been lied to about almost everything, including the real purpose of government education. According to John Dewey, the so-called father of modern education, the primary purpose of government schooling is not to teach the ABC’s but to instill obedience to the state! Thus, we are conditioned from grammar school to accept what we are told and not to think for ourselves.

We are told to pay our “fair share” of taxes, but we are not told that they can take 92% of our income for taxes (like they did in 1952). We are not told that a progressive income tax and a central bank are 2 planks of the Communist Manifesto. We have been made slaves to the powers-that-be.

Well, my fellow gorillas, we are not going to be caged animals any longer—mentally, or otherwise. I’m going to show you how to “give the finger” to the politicians, the media, and the big corporations with unconventional techniques that’ll make you laugh and make them cry!

Make no mistake about it: there are things nobody wants you to know because they want you to remain enslaved to the system. But you will learn about them, and this knowledge will enable you to stroll through the jungle of deceit—completely untouchable, gorilla-style—no matter who you are or where you are.

My friend, I don’t know what your most pressing need is now, but whatever it is you are almost certain to find a way to solve it within this book and future volumes. But if you don’t find exactly what you need, I will soon offer personalized guidance as your life coach and through my blogs on Medium and Substack.

Gorilla Joe

P.S. Gorillas can’t help beating their chest, but it takes a very jungle-wise gorilla to out-smart the bureaucrats, ignore their propaganda, and slam the door on the shysters that want to get their hands in your wallet. That’s why my 30 years of combined experience in business, law, politics, psychology, and marketing make me uniquely qualified to help you.

Together we’ll rattle their cage for a change!

Contact me above if you have any questions

(Gorilla Joe is the pen name of Ken Pealock)


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