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Replace that expensive live human spokesperson with a real digitized person that speaks with their own voice or even yours!
Build trust and authority with your audience by using a spokesperson in your communications.
Our spokespersons can speak for you on your website, in YouTube and Facebook videos, Instagram posts, and other social media sites. 
Yes, you "could" speak in your own commercials and presentations. But maybe you are not satisfied with your voice. Maybe you don't want to change clothes every time a new video presentation is made. Maybe the lighting isn't right. Maybe the external noise is a problem. And do you really want all the "crazies" out there to know what you look like?
A spokesperson is the perfect choice for...
3D Explainer videos
Animated Videos
Educational Videos
Social media ads
 YouTube videos
Sales videos
A spokesperson is a highly effective tool for teachers, business owners, digital marketers,  freelancers, content creators, authors, bloggers, social media managers, and anyone else!
If you have books on Amazon's KDP platform, a short spokesperson video will help explain your
We can also create a MIXED video combining our spokespersons with Avatars, Doodle videos, 3D flipbooks, product mockups, and more! 

Avatar Videos

A Custom Avatar is a great choice for...
3D Explainer videos  Animated Videos  Educational Videos  Ecommerce  Social media ads  Presentations  YouTube videos  Sales videos Fund Raisers Libraries Schools  Children's instructions  Gag gifts ● Sermons  Political messages
The wonderful thing about Avatars is that when combined with a professional sales script, they draw customers like an irresistible magnet!
Another advantage of Avatars over a real person is the ability to customize them. You can pick their clothing, their hair style and other elements to get the look that suits you.
Like our digitized spokespersons, Avatars can be made to say anything you want them to say in over 100 different languages.
Or if you prefer, you can provide us with an audio clip of your voice and the Avatar will speak it. You can even sing your own commercial jingle and it will be synchronized with the lip movement. How cool is that?
For maximum effect, you can go even further and combine our real digitized spokespersons with special effects, Avatars, and doodle videos, to create a spell-binding video.
Avatars are an extremely effective way to promote  your business! Watch this video clip and see for yourself!
Gorilla Joe Marketing's spokespersons can help you attract new customers, get free traffic, turn boring videos into sales machines, boost brand exposure, save time and money, double your ROI, slash your advertising costs, drive big ticket sales, skyrocket sales and leads! 

Doodle Videos

Choose from a wide selection of male and female voices and your choice of language and music. Or send us your own voice clip and music!
Blackboard, whiteboard, and glassboard doodle sketch videos are perfect for explaining your product or service.

Doodle videos engage, entertain, and deliver your message with maximum impact!

We can also add text and audio in 100 foreign languages to your photo, image, or video!
Currently used by:
 Businesses  Coaches  Consultants 
 Educators  Schools  Charities  Political groups  Religious organizations  Marketers

We created this doodle video AND thumbnails for a cartoonist to promote his drawings! (click on K to see all his videos free)

3D Video Photos

Imagine taking any photo and turning it into a 3D video clip!

Turn your boring website photo or logo into a scroll-stopping video that captivates prospects and encourages them to buy from you.
Simply send us your still photo and we will transform it into an awesome video clip, enhanced to your specifications. We can add an unlimited amount of 3D zoom effects to  your photo that seem magical. Watch this video and think of the possibilities!


Transcriptions and Translations 

Want to reach an international audience? No problem. We can convert your audio into text (or text into audio) and translate your sales message in over 100 languages! Low prices.


Audio Books



Blog Writing

We can create custom weekly or monthly audio podcasts for you. We can also convert your existing podcasts into amazing videos -- or your existing videos into audio podcasts.
Need a professional voice for your videos? We can provide either real human voices or economical A.I. voices that most people cannot distinguish from a real voice.
An effective website should incorporate videos and scroll stopping effects, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for first page listing on Google searches.
We will edit your existing book or write one completely from scratch to your specifications. Whether for business use or aspiring authors, we are pros who can prepare and promote your book like no one else can!
Blogs are useful to update customers with product news, provide regular advice for your customers, and for branding purposes.
Need a professional voice for your audio books? We can provide economical A.I. voices that most people cannot distinguish from a real voice.

Video and GIF Emails

Emails are the most effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. But why be satisfied with the same boring static emails everyone else uses?
Just imagine how much greater attention they will get when you put a short video or gif inside your email.
Contact us today to put videos in your emails for maximum response!
A picture is still worth a thousand words!
Our company founder sold millions of dollars in products through his sales letters. Let him write your video or audio script today!
Email us with any questions!
The only way to get a powerful message that SELLS  products or services is to hire a professional to write your sales script.
Do NOT rely on artificial intelligence programs to write your sales letters and video scripts. They are a waste of your time and money.

Sales Letter/Scripts

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