A personal message from the CEO of Gorilla Joe Marketing
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Dear friend,

My name is Ken Pealock and I'm asking a favor from you.

Will you please read this message because it affects you, your loved ones, and everything you hold dear?

We have been lied to by the media, the government, and by the corporate scamsters in America. They have deprived us of our wealth, our health, and our liberties. I say it’s time we fight back aggressively and escape the mediocrity cage they’ve put us in by using clever tricks that would make Houdini envious. Check out my blog page for details.

First, I am heartbroken when I hear that many people are working two and three jobs just to feed their families. Others have lost their homes and now live on the street. Most people are struggling with massive price increases for food and energy while working at dead-end jobs that don't pay a living wage.

Now you may be doing well financially, but that could change at any time. Anything can happen. All across America, people who once felt secure are losing their jobs and homes. The faked low-unemployment figures are meaningless when you find yourself and your family living in a car or a tent.

Recently, I traveled through Atlanta, Georgia on a Marta train and saw dozens of people sleeping under bridges. I’m told that some of them were once business professionals and skilled workers. But it’s not just Atlanta, it’s across the nation. We have a million or more homeless military veterans who cannot get a job and are hurting for money; I know because I was once one of them.

Regardless of who you are or how financially secure you may be for the moment, there are millions of people from all backgrounds who suddenly find themselves unable to make ends meet. They manage only by working two jobs, eating cheaper, unhealthy food, and going deeper in debt—all because of stupid government policies that have bankrupted our country since 1933, if not before, and transferred our wealth to other nations and international bankers.

These and hundreds more corporations are shuttering doors due to rampant crime, the move to online stores, and inflation. Other workers are increasingly being replaced by AI and illegal immigrants.

You can't depend on a government job, either. The government is over 30 trillion dollars in debt and sooner or later there will be major cuts in government jobs.

The following major corporations plan to lay off employees...

😥Meta (Facebook) - 10,000

😥Google - 30,000

😥Amazon - 18,000

😥Microsoft - 10,000

😥Xerox - 15% of workforce

😥Philips - 6000

😥Nokia - 14,000

😥Roku - 10% of workforce

😥Tyson Foods - 4,600

😥CVS Health - 5,000

😥Walt Disney - 4000

😥Walmart - 2000

😥Dell - 6650

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