You can use artificial intelligence to produce an entire book chapter. Here is the A.I. output of a prompt to "Write a chapter for a book on genetic research gone bad related to the book title: The Frankenstein Apocalypse: What Happens When We Play God":



Chapter 7: The Genetic Arms Race

Genetic research has always been a controversial topic, with many fearing the consequences of playing God. However, the promise of creating new medicines, curing diseases, and improving the human condition has been a driving force behind the field. But as with any technology, genetic research can be weaponized, and it is this aspect of the field that has the potential to bring about the Frankenstein Apocalypse.

The idea of creating a super-soldier is not a new one, and there have been several attempts throughout history to create a perfect warrior. However, genetic research has given this dream a new lease on life, and there are now numerous military programs aimed at creating genetically enhanced soldiers.

These programs are not just limited to the military, and private companies have also been investing heavily in genetic research for military applications. This has led to a genetic arms race, with countries and corporations vying to create the most powerful, most resilient, and most deadly soldiers.

One of the most concerning aspects of this race is the potential for unintended consequences. Genetically enhanced soldiers may be stronger, faster, and more resistant to disease, but they may also suffer from unforeseen side effects. The genetic modifications may interact in unexpected ways, leading to unintended outcomes that could have disastrous consequences.

In addition to the risks of unintended consequences, there are also ethical considerations to take into account. Creating genetically enhanced soldiers raises questions about what it means to be human, and whether we should be tampering with the very essence of life. There are also concerns about who gets to decide who is genetically enhanced and who is not, and whether this could lead to discrimination and inequality.

The genetic arms race is not just limited to soldiers, however. There are also programs aimed at creating genetically enhanced intelligence, with the goal of creating a new breed of super-geniuses. While this may sound like a positive development, it raises concerns about what this would mean for the rest of us. Would we be left behind, unable to compete in a world dominated by super-intelligent individuals? Would this lead to a new form of social inequality, where only the genetically elite have access to the best jobs and opportunities?

The Frankenstein Apocalypse is not just a distant possibility; it is a very real threat. The genetic arms race is just one example of how genetic research can be used for nefarious purposes. We must be vigilant and ensure that genetic research is used for the betterment of humanity, not as a tool of destruction. We must ask ourselves difficult questions about the implications of our actions and take responsibility for the consequences of our research. Only then can we avoid the dark future that awaits us if we continue to play God.


Imagine rewriting Frankenstein, for example, by changing the story so that the monster is created by genetic engineering, or perhaps transported into the future to protest the politicians in Washington or any number of possibilities that might enthrall the masses. Use your imagination. Make him binary. Make him a televangelist. How about a socialist transvestite monster as a senator or the president? You would certainly get media attention and Netflix might make a silly series about it.

Just for fun I used ChatGPT to come up with catchy titles for a new Frankenstein novel or a non-fiction book. This is the absurd prompt I gave it and the surprising result:

"List 29 catchy titles for a modern version of the Frankenstein novel. Include that the monster was created by genetic manipulation, that he became a televangelist, a social justice warrior, a right-wing protestor, a communist, or a member of antifa:

  1. Genetically Modified: The Modern Frankenstein

  2. The Televangelist Monster: A Story of Genetic Creation

  3. Right-Wing Revolt: Frankenstein's New Creation

  4. Antifa's Abomination: A Genetically Engineered Monster

  5. The Creation of Dr. Frank: A Modern Twist on a Classic Tale

  6. The New Prometheus: A Tale of Genetic Engineering

  7. From Lab to Politics: The Rise of Frankenstein's Creation

  8. The Genetic Freak: A Modern Retelling of Mary Shelley's Classic

  9. Born to Protest: Frankenstein's Creation Joins Antifa

  10. A Monster for Our Times: The Story of Genetic Manipulation and Political Turmoil.

  11. Frankenstein 2.0: The Genetics Revolution

  12. The Franken-Activist: From Monster to Social Justice Warrior?

  13. The Frankenstein Evangelist: Preaching a New Gospel

  14. Frankenstein Unleashed: A Right-Wing Protester's Manifesto

  15. The Communist Monster: Reimagining Frankenstein for the Modern Era

  16. Antifa's Frankenstein: A New Weapon in the Fight for Justice

  17. Frankenstein Reborn: The Rise of Genetically Engineered Beings

  18. The Franken-Politician: When Science Meets Politics

  19. The Frankenstein Experiment: Science Fiction or Reality?

  20. The Frankenstein Revolution: Redefining Life and Death

  21. The Frankenstein Society: Navigating a World of Genetic Manipulation

  22. The Franken-Crusader: Fighting for a Better World

  23. The Frankenstein Awakening: A Journey of Self-Discovery

  24. Frankenstein Unchained: Breaking Free of Our Genetic Limits

  25. The Frankenstein Apocalypse: What Happens When We Play God?

  26. Frankenstein's Utopia: Creating a Perfect Society Through Genetic Engineering

  27. The Franken-Philosopher: Exploring the Ethics of Genetic Manipulation

  28. The Frankenstein Paradox: When Progress Becomes Regress

  29. The Frankenstein Dilemma: Balancing Science and Ethics in a Changing World...