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Consider that 4 Out Of 10 Followers on YouTube Channels Are In The Children's Niche

And according to a major online marketer,

"[A]s of December 2023, T-Series of children's videos surpassed 240 billion lifetime video views, making it the most-viewed YouTube channel owner of all time. Popular children’s rhymes and song channel Cocomelon followed, with 172 billion lifetime views. Several children-themed channels such as Like Nastya, Kids Diana Show, and Vlad and Niki also appeared in the ranking.

"The most viewed video on YouTube has been for several years “Baby Shark Dance,” published by Korean education brand Pinkfong in June 2016. The catchy rhyme was the first YouTube video to reach and surpass 10 billion views, and as of September 2022 was sitting at 11.34 billion global views.

"YouTube channels that propose content for children and young teens are also among the most subscribed channels on the platform, with 3D-animation channel Cocomelon counting almost 169 million subscribers worldwide as of November 2022."

According to research...

"Kids Spend, on Average, 113 Minutes Per Day on the video-sharing App.

*TikTok is king among apps, with the most downloads reported worldwide, followed by Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

*Gen Z is moving away from traditional viewing. Around half of their teens’ average screen time is spent on user-created content on TikTok and YouTube. meanwhile… Globally, data from Qustodio shows children spend an average of 75 minutes per day on TikTok. This makes it the social media platform they are using the most.

* In the U.S., kids spend an average of 113 minutes daily on TikTok, which is slightly higher than the global average of 107 minutes. Those in the UK spend 70 minutes per day on the video-sharing app."

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