Referral Program

Available Only to Gorilla Joe Gold Memberships

How you acquire referrals is very simple. Once you join the Gorilla Joe Club you will receive an email with your referral code and a sample business card to print on your color printer or purchase online from VistaPrint for almost nothing.

Next, simply hand out the business cards to local businesses, or any other way you choose to promote. The cards must contain your referral code in the white space for you to get credit for your referral.

When customers contact us, we do the selling for you. Nothing could be easier.

1-Place FREE ads on Upwork, Fiverr, and other gig platforms. We will do the fulfillment without you lifting a finger.

2-Locate customers on Social Media and send us the the email address of those who reply. We will take it from there. Our YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Simple Pinterest Marketing, and LinkedIn courses show you exactly how to use social media to capture their email. Click here.

3-Barter. Almost every business or individual prefers to barter instead of paying. You can get all manner of products and and services by offering our videos and graphic services to them in partial exchange. In other words, you need to collect at least the 10% we charge as part of the trade so you are not out of pocket. If these are items you can use or resell, you make a profit.

COMMISSIONS: We will send your referral commissions through MoneyGram, Western Union, Zelle, or other money transfer platforms. When your referral commissions are due, we will always contact you for your preferred payment platform. Payments may be delayed for at least 30 days until applicable chargeback periods have expired. Note that we do not offer refunds and neither should you. In the unlikely event of a credit card chargeback we reserve the option to deduct the loss from your commission along with processing and transfer fees.

Earnings disclaimer: We make no claims as to the potential earnings you will receive from participating in our referral program. It really depends on the effort of each individual.

Sample of Business Card

If you choose to have customers contact you instead of us, you will be directed to a free website that allows you to change the contact data to yours.